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The Star-Herald, Kosciusko, Miss.,Oct. 11, 1979


3 Families Are Traced

By Joyce W. Sanders

  Following the course set by the Historical Society to preserve our local heritage, our next columns will be on the Sulton, Stingley and Dubard families and their connections. From these families we find many of the "roots" of the beginning of the Lutheran Church in Attala County. Kelly Beauchamp has been gathering and storing valuable data about these ancestors, as well as about other early settlers of our county. He is always glad to share his knowledge with other interested persons.
  Harmon Sutton was registered in the German Army in 1782 as Harmon Hocmoa. He was an officer in some German troops who came to Charleston, South Carolina, in 1783 to take part in the war against the newly formed United States of America. Not eager to return to Germany and desiring to stay in this brave, new country, Harmon ran away from the Army and settled at Chapin, South Carolina. This meant that he had to change his name to prevent his being found and made to return to his homeland. His rank in the German Army was that of "Sulton", so Harmon Hocmoa became Harmon Sulton.
  Harmon Sulton was born in 1755 (or about that time); he married Margaret Hameter. They were the parents of one son, John Michael Sulton. Harmon was instrumental in helping build St. Peter's Lutheran Church at Chapin, South Carolina. He died in South Carolina in 1840. John Michael Sulton was married to Elizabeth Bickley and they had three sons: John II, Thomas and Joseph. Their daughters were: Mrs. D. G. Epling, Mrs. John Leapart, Mrs. Calhoun Austin, Mrs. Samuel

Metts, Mrs. Edward Hoof and Mrs. Frederick Stingley. John Michael Sulton and son, Joseph, John Leapart, Joseph Sulton and Mrs. Hoof are all buried at the Sulton Cemetery at Lexington, South Carolina. Mrs. Epling is buried at Chapin, South Carolina. Mrs. Metts is at Austin, Texas, and Mrs. Austin lies at Raleigh, Miss., and Mrs. Stingley at Sallis.
  John Sulton II married first Elizabeth Leapart. Their children were: Robert, who had two sons, Jacob and Daniel; and Louise P., who married Alexander Green Beauchamp. This couple were the grandparents of Mr. Kelly. More about them later. After the death of his first wife, John II married Mary Amick. Their boys were Frederick, Harmon and Thomas; the girls were Julia, Nancy, Jane and Emaline. Emaline married an Ellignton, Julia married Edward Dorrill, Jane and Nancy married Mr. Russell and Mr. Rainey.
   Mr. Beauchamp was born in North Carolina in 1801 and was married to Anna J. Rushing; she was born in the same state in 1803. Anna had three brothers; one was a doctor and the other two were farmers. From the 1850 and 1860 census records we know that this family lived in Tennessee, Alabama, Tennessee again and then on to Mississippi. The first three children which I name are I believe the children of the couple. Correct me if I am wrong. But according to ages, places of birth and vicinity they lived in makes this assumption plausible.
  1. Ervin Beauchamp was born in Tennessee in 1819 and his wife, Susan, born in 1824 in Kentucky with three children, the oldest being born in 1842 in Tennessee. 2. Alvin
Beauchamp was born on January 9, 1822, in Tennessee, was married to Mary E. Ammon and died on January 25, 1895, in Huntington, Arkansas. He was buried at Brewster's Chapel in Arkansas.
  His wife died May 2, 1853, and is buried at Wake Forest at Thomastown. 3. Finis Dudley Beauchamp was born November 15, 1825, in Lawrence County, Alabama and died June 12, 1893 in Wise County, Texas, and was married to Caroline Patton. 4. Alexander Green Beauchamp was born August 7, 1829, in Morgan County, Alabama, was married March 1, 1855, to Louise P. Sulton and died October 19, 1906, and buried in Kosciusko.
  5. Dewitt Clinton Beauchamp was born in 1832 in Tennessee and was married September 17, 1867, in Leake County to Callie Jordan. 6. Elizabeth Beauchamp was born February 28, 1836, in Tennessee, married August 20, 1857 to John MacDonald Schrock and died April 23, 1876, and buried in Dear Cemetery. 7. Thomas L. Beauchamp was born in Mississippi in 1838 and died of measles during Civil War. 8. John W. Beauchamp was born in 1840 and died of pneumonia during Civil War. 9. Anna Beauchamp was born April 15, 1843, married December 21, 1865, to G. S. P. Jordan and died May 1, 1908, in Kosciusko. 10. Julia born 1844 and married to Will Jennings. 11. Mary F. Beauchamp was born in March 1848 and died on January 12, 1869, on what was to have been her wedding day to Garrett Gowan. 12. Jane Beauchamp, the oldest daughter was married to William Landrum.


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