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1860 Attala County Census Transcription

This 1860 Federal census transcription for Attala County is available to the Attala County researchers through the efforts of Wanda Lentz. Wanda handcopied the information from census images and then transcribed it into a word document which she then submitted to the Attala County MSGenWeb web site for posting. Wanda also created the index of all the names contained in the 1860 census for Attala County.

Before you view the census transcription of the 1860 Federal census for Attala County you should be aware of several factors. The census enumerators that created the original census pages were ordinary citizens that were hired to perform the census enumeration. These individuals had varying backgrounds and education. Frequently the penmanship left much to be desired. Spelling of names was always a problem. One has to wonder why they didn't ask for the correct spelling instead of entering the names as they thought they heard them.

So, you must expect some names to be misspelled. The transcriber, (Wanda) also had difficulty reading the enumerator's writing and deciphering the names and other information. Invaribly errors did occur. We would be interested in correcting errors of transcription where the transcriber could not interpret the name (suranme or given name) correctly. However, here we must walk a fine line. It is not our intent to change history or modify historical documents. If the misspelling is the enumerator's it would be inappropriate to make a change. If the name is incorrect because it could not be deciphered, then a correction would be in order. Please submit corrections if you feel the name is incorrectly shown. The transcriber, Wanda Lentz will be the final judge of whether or not a change should be made to the web page and/or the index.

It would also be appreciated if while viewing the census transcriptions, should you run across a broken link or a link that takes you to the wrong page, please send an E-mail message using the contact E-mail address at the bottom of this page.

A word about the geographical location of the families being enumerated based on the information shown at the top of the census transcription. A map showing the location of the community/post office is also available. Click on the link provided.

On behalf of all Attala County Researchers:  THANKS! Wanda Lentz

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