Attala County, Mississippi


15th Mississippi Infantry Regiment - Company A
Long Creek Rifles

Name, Last, FirstCompanyRank_InRank_Out
Addy, John C.APrivatePrivate
Allen, John W.APrivateSergeant
Allen, RileyAPrivatePrivate
Allman, J. M.APrivatePrivate
Ashmore, HenryAPrivatePrivate
Bagett, J.M.APrivatePrivate
Bailey, John H.APrivatePrivate
Bailey, T.J.APrivatePrivate
Baily, James H.APrivatePrivate
Baine, H.M.APrivatePrivate
Baine, J.S.APrivatePrivate
Baker, C.H.APrivatePrivate
Bane, H.M. APrivatePrivate
Bates, F. W.APrivatePrivate
Bates, J. C.APrivatePrivate
Bates, Joseph W.APrivatePrivate
Bayne, H. M.APrivatePrivate
Bayne, HenryAPrivatePrivate
Black, J. E.A  
Blackwell, W.S.APrivatePrivate
Blair, A.APrivatePrivate
Bone, H. M.APrivatePrivate
Boyall, E. W.APrivatePrivate
Boyett, J. M.APrivatePrivate
Bullock, R.M.APrivatePrivate
Burden, J.T.APrivatePrivate
Burt, R. F. APrivatePrivate
Burt, RichardAPrivatePrivate
Cabaniss, James W.APrivatePrivate
Caboness, J. W.APrivatePrivate
Caldwell, Alven J.APrivatePrivate
Caldwell, Andrew J.APrivatePrivate
Campbell, James A.APrivatePrivate
Campbell, W. G.APrivatePrivate
Carpenter, W. D.APrivatePrivate
Carpenter, W. P.APrivatePrivate
Carter, J.M.APrivatePrivate
Carter, JamesAPrivatePrivate
Clark, J. C.A  
Clark, John W.APrivatePrivate
Clark, Thomas J.AThird LieutenantThird Lieutenant
Clements, B. D.APrivatePrivate
Coldman, G. W.APrivatePrivate
Coleman, G. W.APrivatePrivate
Collins, J. W.APrivatePrivate
Conely, James H.APrivateSergeant
Conley, J. H.APrivateSergeant
Conley, J. W.APrivatePrivate
Cook, A. F.APrivatePrivate
Cook, T. C.APrivatePrivate
Cumins, David W.APrivatePrivate
Cummins, D.W.APrivatePrivate
Davis, Andrew J.APrivatePrivate
Dean, J. M.APrivatePrivate
Dean, W. J.ACorporalCorporal
Dennis, Wilson R.APrivatePrivate
Dickens, James T.ACorporalPrivate
Dickerson, J.E.APrivatePrivate
Dickeson, Jacob E.APrivatePrivate
Dickinson, J.E.APrivatePrivate
Dickison, J.E.APrivatePrivate
Donald, William S.APrivatePrivate
Dotsen, L.B.APrivatePrivate
Dotson, Lorenzo C.APrivatePrivate
Draper, W.G.APrivatePrivate
Drebard, P.H.APrivatePrivate
Dreman, W.F.APrivatePrivate
Drennan, William F.APrivatePrivate
Drennon, William F.APrivatePrivate
Drenon, W.F.APrivatePrivate
Drenon, W.T.APrivatePrivate
Drenun, W.F.APrivatePrivate
Dubard, Philip C.APrivatePrivate
Dubard, Philip P.APrivatePrivate
Dumas, W.R.APrivatePrivate
Dumis, W.R.APrivatePrivate
Eakin, J. M.APrivatePrivate
Ellington, Francis M.APrivatePrivate
Ellington, J. M.APrivatePrivate
Ellington, J. R.APrivatePrivate
Ellington, J. W.APrivatePrivate
Ellington, Jas. H.APrivate 
Ellington, P. M.APrivatePrivate
Ellington, Robt.APrivate 
Elllington, D. A.APrivatePrivate
Fleming, E. Y.AFirst LieutenantFirst Lieutenant
Forester, ThomasAPrivatePrivate
Forister, ThomasAPrivatePrivate
Forrester, ThomasAPrivatePrivate
Foster, JesseeAPrivatePrivate
Fraser, H. S.A,E,CPrivatePrivate
Frazier, DavidA,EPrivatePrivate
Frazier, Henry S.A,E,CPrivatePrivate
Frazier, J. L.APrivatePrivate
Frazier, J. W.APrivatePrivate
Frazier, SamuelA,EPrivatePrivate
Frazier, W. P.APrivatePrivate
Frazure, J. L.APrivatePrivate
Frazure, J. W.APrivatePrivate
Frazure, W. P.APrivatePrivate
Freeman, Phillip H.A,BPrivateSergeant
Fuller, C. M.A  
Glass, Frederick M.APrivatePrivate
Gleason, WilliamAPrivatePrivate
Gleson, WilliamAPrivatePrivate
Gober, W.C.APrivatePrivate
Gooch, T.G.APrivateMusician
Gouch, Thomas G.APrivateMusician
Gowen, GarrettAPrivatePrivate
Greer, A. F.APrivatePrivate
Greer, Abraham T.APrivatePrivate
Greer, J. D.ACorporalPrivate
Greer, Robert J.APrivatePrivate
Guess, M. B.APrivatePrivate
Guess, M. S.APrivatePrivate
Guyton, A. S.ACorporalCorporal
Hamilton, J.M.APrivatePrivate
Hamilton, J.N.APrivatePrivate
Hamilton, W.C.APrivatePrivate
Hamond, J.L.APrivatePrivate
Harman, FrederickAPrivatePrivate
Harman, George E.A,EPrivatePrivate
Harman, H. P.APrivatePrivate
Harman, J. P. M.APrivatePrivate
Harman, James E.APrivatePrivate
Harman, James J.APrivatePrivate
Harman, Josiah L.APrivatePrivate
Harman, M. D.APrivatePrivate
Harman, Martin L.APrivatePrivate
Harman, W. A.APrivatePrivate
Harmond, J. L.APrivatePrivate
Harmond, Martin L.APrivatePrivate
Harris, JohnAPrivatePrivate
Harrison, J. P.APrivatePrivate
Harrison, John J.APrivatePrivate
Hays, Jefferson J.APrivateCorporal
Heifner, J.C.A  
Henderson, D.B.APrivatePrivate
Hill, HenryAPrivatePrivate
Hill, W.C.APrivatePrivate
Hill, W.H.APrivatePrivate
Hodges, John M.APrivatePrivate
Howard, B. F.APrivatePrivate
Hughes, M. G.APrivatePrivate
Hutchingson, GeorgeAPrivateCorporal
Hutchinson, GeorgeAPrivateCorporal
Hutchison, George L.APrivateCorporal
Hutchison, JohnAPrivatePrivate
Hutchison, William T.APrivatePrivate
Hutchison, Wily R.APrivatePrivate
Hyatt, JamesAPrivatePrivate
Iris, WilliamAPrivateSecond Lieutenant
Irish, D.L.APrivatePrivate
Irish, DavidAPrivatePrivate
Irish, James L.APrivatePrivate
Irish, JohnAPrivatePrivate
Irish, WilliamAPrivateSecond Lieutenant
Jenkins, F.M.APrivatePrivate
Jenkins, J.M.APrivatePrivate
Jenkins, JamesAPrivatePrivate
Jenkins, S.O.APrivatePrivate
Jinkins, F.M.APrivatePrivate
Jinkins, F.M.APrivatePrivate
Jinkins, JamesAPrivatePrivate
Kirklad, J.W.M.APrivatePrivate
Kirkland, J.W.W.APrivatePrivate
League, S.D.A  
Leopard, Abner C.APrivatePrivate
Leppard, E.C.APrivatePrivate
Leput, A.C.APrivatePrivate
Lewis, John APrivatePrivate
Lewis, William C.APrivatePrivate
Little, E.W.APrivatePrivate
Love, John B.ASecond LieutenantCaptain
Love, W.P.APrivatePrivate
Mabray, W.S.APrivatePrivate
Mabry, G.L.APrivatePrivate
Mabry, William G.APrivatePrivate
Mallett, J.J.APrivatePrivate
Mallett, J.J.APrivatePrivate
Mathews, J.W.APrivatePrivate
Mathis, John W.APrivateSergeant
Matthews, John N.APrivatePrivate
McCraran, J.R.APrivatePrivate
McCravan, J.R.APrivatePrivate
McCreaven, J.R.APrivatePrivate
McEntire, WilliamAPrivatePrivate
McGoven, PatrickA  
McIntire, WilliamAPrivatePrivate
McIntyre, W.APrivatePrivate
McKay, Charles C.APrivatePrivate
McKay, John J.APrivatePrivate
McKay, Washington F.APrivatePrivate
McKinin, S.F.APrivatePrivate
McKinnon, S.D.APrivatePrivate
McKinnon, S.D.APrivatePrivate
McKinnon, Sinclair T.APrivatePrivate
McMellan, J.N.APrivatePrivate
McMellen, F.L.APrivatePrivate
McMellon, Felix L.APrivatePrivate
McMillan, Felix L.APrivatePrivate
McMillan, John N.APrivatePrivate
Meek, George W.APrivatePrivate
Meek, Robert F.ASergeantSergeant
Miller, AlbertAPrivatePrivate
Moran, MichaelAPrivatePrivate
Morand, M.AAPrivatePrivate
Morant, M.AAPrivatePrivate
Nash, N. N.AA  
Neadham, J. D.APrivatePrivate
Neadham, L. W.APrivatePrivate
Needham, L. W.APrivatePrivate
Neil, James C.APrivatePrivate
Neil, James C.APrivatePrivate
Noah, A. G.ASergeantPrivate
Palmer, WilliamAPrivatePrivate
Parker, E. B.APrivatePrivate
Parker, ElijahA,IFirst SergeantFirst Sergeant
Parker, John A.APrivatePrivate
Parker, L. W.APrivatePrivate
Parker, Oliver C.APrivatePrivate
Parker, Rufus B.APrivatePrivate
Parker, Rufus R.APrivatePrivate
Pope, WilbertAPrivatePrivate
Reynolds, J.APrivatePrivate
Rigby, William J.APrivatePrivate
Rigby, William P.APrivatePrivate
Roby, E.R.APrivateAssistant Surgeon
Roby, E.P.APrivateAssistant Surgeon
Roy, A.T.APrivatePrivate
Roy, G.A.APrivatePrivate
Roy, T.A.APrivatePrivate
Runels, JohnAPrivatePrivate
Runnels, JohnAPrivatePrivate
Rupe, J.F.APrivatePrivate
Russell, J.J.APrivate 
Russell, Samuel J.APrivatePrivate
Russell, Simon S.APrivatePrivate
Russell, William M.APrivatePrivate
Rutherford, A.APrivatePrivate
Rutherford, F.W.R.APrivatePrivate
Rutherford, Franklin W.APrivatePrivate
Rutherford, T.W.APrivatePrivate
Sallis, R.P.AFirst SergeantSecond Lieutenant
Sallis, Robert J.AFirst SergeantSecond Lieutenant
Sallis, T.B.ACorporalPrivate
Sallis, Thomas D.ACorporalPrivate
Sanders, John W.APrivatePrivate
Sanders, W.B.APrivatePrivate
Sanders, William J.APrivatePrivate
Sanders, William M.APrivatePrivate
Scarborough, Abner W.APrivateCorporal
Scarborough, M. W.APrivateCorporal
Scarborough, Samuel R.APrivatePrivate
Scoggins, Robert D.APrivatePrivate
Scoggins, S. D.APrivatePrivate
Shuler, James C.AFourth SergeantSecond Lieutenant
Shuler, Thomas J.APrivatePrivate
Simpson, John N.APrivatePrivate
Simpson, NoahAPrivatePrivate
Smith, David P.APrivatePrivate
Smith, E. ThomasAPrivateFirst Lieutenant
Smith, Elijah T.APrivateFirst Lieutenant
Smith, James H.APrivatePrivate
Smith, John H.APrivatePrivate
Smith, W.T.APrivatePrivate
Smith, William J.APrivatePrivate
Snellgrove, H.A.APrivatePrivate
Standard, John F.APrivatePrivate
Standrod, John F.APrivatePrivate
Stanlod, John F.APrivatePrivate
Stingley, John B.APrivatePrivate
Stonestreet, William M. APrivatePrivate
Sympson, NoahAPrivatePrivate
Teague, M.S.APrivatePrivate
Teat, James H.APrivatePrivate
Terry, Joseph R.ASergeantFirst Sergeant
Terry, Lamkin S.ACaptainMajor
Terry, William H.APrivatePrivate
Thasher, M.J.APrivatePrivate
Thornton, J.T.APrivatePrivate
Thrasher, Marion J.APrivatePrivate
Tittle, J.S.APrivatePrivate
Toller, J.L.APrivatePrivate
Turner, Joseph J.APrivatePrivate
Wade, Sebron L.APrivatePrivate
Wade, Watson R.APrivatePrivate
Walker, John A.APrivatePrivate
Walker, W.S.APrivatePrivate
Walker, Wiley L.APrivatePrivate
Williams, M.B.APrivatePrivate
Williams, M.R.APrivatePrivate
Williamson, James H.APrivatePrivate
Wood, William R.APrivatePrivate
Woods, H.F.APrivatePrivate
Woods, J.J.APrivatePrivate
Woods, Joseph W.APrivatePrivate
Woods, R.J.APrivatePrivate
Wynn, Hines H.APrivateSecond Sergeant
Wynn, William L.APrivatePrivate
Wyse, John H.ASecond SergeantPrivate

Footnote: In some instances a soldier may appear on this list more than once. This occurs because the records were taken from muster rolls and on some of these rolls the soldiers initials were used while others show the christian name along with the surname. Duplications also occur due to variations in the spelling of the surname on roll call forms filled out by different people at different times. Rather than guess at the correct spelling, all variations are shown.

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